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 Consider us for your alternative heating needs!

Wood Pellets
Pellets are a fuel option that answers the need for clean-burning, renewable energy. Pellets are made of compressed sawdust. The fuel is consistent in size, and comes in forty-pound bags. Simply pour the pellets into a hopper which feeds automatically into the stove. A single load can burn 24 hours. We recommend burning Hardwood pellets in all of our pellet stoves. The best time of the year to purchase your pellets is in the Spring/Summer when the price is the lowest. If you’d like to be added to our pellet early buy list, please send us an e-mail at we’ll make sure to send you an e-mail when they’re on sale.

Clean, dry shelled corn is a renewable fuel option that is burned in freestanding corn stoves or inserts or in some pellet/biomass stoves. The corn must be clean and dried (15.5% moisture or less is recommended) and stored in an area free from rodents, birds, squirrels or other vermin. The corn is available locally from farmers in the area. We support buying locally! You can purchase it in bulk, or in bags.

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