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“There’s no heat like wood heat”. We believe that burning wood is one of the most romantic, beautiful and satisfying ways to heat your home. Wood burning can be very economical, while also offering the additional benefits of a beautiful flame, relaxing warmth, and a romantic ambiance.

Clean & Responsible
Environmental concerns and strict EPA regulations have helped wood stoves really come into their own. EPA-certified stoves now burn 72-82% more cleanly than those of the past, making wood’s former reputation as a dirty fuel obsolete. Wood has a much higher BTU capacity than gas, and wood is also a renewable resource. Trees are being replanted at an unprecedented rate, which also helps improve air quality, as trees use carbon dioxide to produce more oxygen.

You can count on wood being around as a reliable and clean source of fuel for years to come. You don’t have to be dependant on foreign fuel sources. And you will stay warm even if your power goes out


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